Kevin Hill - The Road To "Fast Wine Riddim" Album

CEO of 24/7 Music Production Kevin Hill details his journey in creating his acclaimed release "Fast Wine Riddim" Album.

This project is by 24/7 Music Production. I just started the label January 24 2018 in Chesapeake VA due to the fact that I was managing two artist from Jamaica who is also on the Album, Teet and Mad Vibes.

I started the label because these artists are very talented and I wanted to give them a chance in this music business. I tried with other labels from Jamaica, but “No” or “No Response” is what I usually ended up with. I told myself, “No” is not an option, so I started the label.

“Fast Wine Riddim” Album is the company's first major project. This album is very special to me because of the way everything played out. My twin sister(Karrill DaDiva) who is also on the Album with her first song ever titled "Fast Wine", introduced me to the riddim by OGE Beats(an online beats store) where I bought the instrumentals. When Karrill told me about the Riddim, she had just move from New York to live closer to me in Virginia. Upon seeing my home studio, she knew then I was serious about music production. I was curious about why she wanted to do music at the time(even though to me it was a little obvious, that she saw me doing it), she told me Shenseea was her inspiration(surprised me!).

My sister was the first to record on the Riddim due to the fact that she fell in love with the Riddim the moment she heard It. Mr. Vegas is a close friend of mine, he recorded second. He recorded his song the moment he heard the Riddim. His first song is a tribute to the Buck basketball player, Antetokounmpo.  Mr. Vegas loved the Riddim so much, he recorded a second song and introduced artist Natel on the track.  

We started out with only four artists on the Riddim, then my sister came through again when she introduced the Riddim to artist Ice Cold and Darrio(close friends of hers) who both recorded on the RiddimIce Cold, one of Gyptian’s artists, introduced the Riddim to Gyptian and he recorded the moment he heard the Riddim. This song by Gyptian "Perfectly With You", is the number one song on the Riddim so far and continues to make a big impression on the music industry. "Perfectly With You", will be one of the songs on Gyptian’s newest EP(coming soon).

I told both my artist(Mad Vibes and Teet) to record their songs, Mad Vibes did, but Teet was procrastinating, so I contacted his main influence, Perfect Giddimani, to help me talk to Teet to speed up the process because I did not want to do the Album without him. I send the Riddim to Perfect and he fell in love with the Riddim. Perfect Giddimani ended up doing his song before Teet and it really gave Teet the boost to get it done.  

This is how the Album came about. So I told myself, “No is not an option”

Download now on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fast-wine-riddim/1370627075 | Visit Website: https://www.247musicproduction.com

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