Bucky Ital Delivers With "Work Hard"

International reggae artiste Bucky Ital is at it again with a just completed video for "Work Hard". The song was officially released in late 2016, produced by Michael Fairman for Vision House Records.

The video, shot on location in the bustling Coronation market in downtown Kingston and parts of St. Catherine, is produced by Bucky Ital Music.

Bucky details the daily routines of the average working man; leaving his house at the break of dawn, pushing a hand-cart selling CDs in busy streets while enduring scorching heat in the sun. Featured also are other people doing other forms of work, in a latter scene, Bucky is partying with friends enjoying the fruits of his labour.

"The music video is about people doing what they have to, so they can make ends meet, people such as the street vendors, bus drivers, police officers, nurses, farmers etc." he said.

The Brooklyn-based Westmoreland born reggae artiste has released a number of singles and was recently featured on the remake of the Peter Tosh classic anthem, "Legalise It" with a host of other stars.

Bucky Ital has done songs like "Do A Thing For The Poor", "Hustle Fi Da Food" "Ghetto Hussle" and insist on continuing to put out conscious music that can encourage and uplift.

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