Dancehall Artiste Skystar Drops 35 To Life Music Video
13 Dec 2021

Fast-rising Canadian-based dancehall artiste Skystar has released the visuals for his new single entitled 35 To Life which has already begun to make the rounds on social media as such the deejay is understandably optimistic about the chances of this single becoming a hit.

The melodic single has already made its way onto local and international playlists and according to the artiste he has high hopes of securing a major hit with this single because of its catchy hook and relatable topic. 

“This song represents for ghetto people worldwide as it depicts real life struggles but promotes resilience despite challenges. I am a product of the ghetto but I decided from an early age to be an agent of positive change, which is why I am so determined to inspire the youths who are facing the same struggle that I went though in my early years” stated Skystar.

 Born Ainsworth Rose Skystar was drawn to music from a tender age and despite taking other career paths at various points in life he always returned to music as he simply could not avoid his gift and passion. The Mudtown (Patrick Gardens) native says lived with his family in a one-bedroom board structure with no running water and electricity and would often have to hustle in the market to make ends meet. Things got worse before it got better, as the house was burnt down by gang members and so at only nine years old he started going back and forth between family members. However, his musical goals always kept him focussed and it was not long before word started to spread about his talent.

Currently, Skystar is enjoying a major street and social media buzz in Jamaica while his “Farrin Badniss” Collective is dominating the Canadian dancehall underground music scene. His latest singles entitled winning Move and 35 to Life are currently enjoying regular rotation on local and international radio.  

J-Written debuts “Nothing Like Love” in a Crime Riddled Society
20 Aug 2021

August 18, 2021 - Kingston, Jamaica—J-Written’s video “Nothing Like Love” is set to be released on August 28, 2021 on J written’s YouTube channel. The track was pre-released on Reggaeville in July 2021 and has been gaining traction. Written’s artistic nature and vibe heard and seen clearly throughout the entire video gives the audience an easy going feeling while successfully sending a message of love to the listener. 

“Love is not just the opposite of hate, it is the original feeling when something is beautiful and everything is beautifully created by the Most High” is the statement received from JWritten when asked about the meaning of the track. 

“Nothing like Love” video shoot was done in Coal Lane, 2 Mile, Kingston, Jamaica. The video highlights smiling faces in one of Jamaica’s inner-city community, proving that good vibes with a lot of love can be achieved anywhere. 

Gravity Music’s production, “Nothing like Love” is written and composed by Jason Wright aka JWritten, and the video was directed by Tatyanna. “Nothing Like Love” is set to be released on all major platforms on August 20, 2021.

Be sure to tune in to J-Written’s YouTube channel on Friday, August 28, 2021 at 5pm for the release of “Nothing Like Love”

For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, please leave a message on one of the following social media pages: 

IG: @jwrittenofficial

FB: JWritten

YouTube: J Written MusicR

Smashing’s E.P. “My Time” will give you a new sense of direction
16 Jun 2021

Kingston, Jamaica—Smashing’s E.P “My Time” is set to be released on June 25, 2021. It is  already on iTunes and all major platforms for pre-sale! Manager and producer Roderick Fray helps bring out Smashing’s artistic nature and vibe heard clearly throughout the entire E.P. The track “Last Try” sends a message of determination to the listener.

It makes sense that all of the tracks listed on the E.P. speaks to the audience in ways they can relate. “This allowsthem to feel as if they are being referred to and that yes, Smashing has had those experiences too, so we have a lot in common” said the composer of the 7
track E.P.

“MY Time” E.P boasts songs with extreme differences that can be played anywhere at any time. The track titled “My Time” simply explains that the time is now. Upon Smashing’s introduction to Roderick Fray oh HowWow Records and Production LLC, their debut work created the single “Last Try”, which was followed by “Feels it”. These tracks proved to be the moniker for a great and trusting friendship.

Smashing stated that “This E.P. is more of a personal experience for me because of the state on mind I was in and I was determined to share my life experiences as well as some everyday occurrences, whichever way these songs are all facts. This E.P. is so versatile that you can vibe to it just to get your day started in a positive way and it also consists of songs that you can listen after a rough day to give you a glimmer of hope”.

For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, contact HowWow
Records at:
Phone: (619) 249-6878
Social Media Pages:
IG: @howwowrecords
Twitter: HowWow Records
FB: HowWow Records & Production LLC
YouTube: HowWow Records

J Written Dealing with Music "Propa"
16 Mar 2021

International Reggae artiste J Written, widening his fan base in 2021 despite the covid-19 pandemic with new music, videos and shows.

His latest release titled “Deal with it Propa”, the song, which is produced by Iffa Cush Muzik Group, continues to get heavy rotation on local radio and internet base stations in Jamaica, United Kingdom, United States and the Caribbean.

On the back of his first major release, featuring Alborosie entitled “Fear to Understand”, with accompanying video, followed by an additional single release “Black Panther”, the interest and popularity in J Written has seen exponential growth.

The most recent collaboration with UK based concert promoters Coastal Currents Arts Festival, on their virtual platform "Audiotrope'', J Written delivered a stunning performance. The virtual performance garnered over 20,000 views and counting on notable social media networks i.e. youtube, facebook etc.

The continued successes in 2021 thus far has pushed J Written and his management team "Yungstas Management" to finalize the release of a new EP, along with several music videos and more virtual shows.

Follow J Written on Instagram at j_written_trenchtown

Davari - Jamaican Reggae Artist proves “Upliftment” is Possible
09 Jul 2020

Davari is a Jamaican born reggae/dancehall vocalist who resides in the parish of St. Andrew. His demeanor is expressed through his music which proves to be humble, calm and determined. Davari is now promoting his latest single entitled “Upliftment”.

Upliftment is one of many singles which he is currently promoting locally in Jamaica and internationally. In this time of controversy and economic downfall this single raises awareness and causes its listeners to know that no matter what is happening in and around them, the time of Upliftment is now.

Some of Davari’s releases includes; “Gas Dem”, “Got to Make it”, “Highest Herbz”, “Money Machine” and others. With the encouragement from his fans and management label (Gemini Management), Davari continues to deliver and dominate.

As the pandemic of the Covid19 disease spirals, Davari can be found on Instagram live with words of wisdom and entertainment designed to relax and relieve your minds regularly.

Upliftment is being played on both local and international radio stations. You can look out for his next single on the multi-Meter riddim soon to be released.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Davari-MUSIC-473352046745318/

Intagram: https://www.instagram.com/davarilink/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh9JzxW6Fk7kSnofp8Xcj7Q


Gemini Management Records

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Otis Alovera working for his success
22 Oct 2019

Otis Alovera born Oits Martin is no stranger to the music industry, from as early as 1993 he has been steadily putting in the necessary work to make his significant mark.

The entertainer is hoping to ignite a spark with the release of his new six (6) track EP titled "Roots Radic Solider". The EP features a major collaboration with renown reggae artist Jah Mason called, 'Jamaica a Paradise'.

"Roots Radic Solider" EP as been given the nod by music insiders, focusing on Otis prolific writing ability, his sultry tones and charismatic delivery.

Alovera is known for his unique style of singing. His sound is a mix between jazz and reggae and thrills audiences with his cool and easy flow.

Previously released songs like "Mama Cry" and "Love Can Save The Day" were heavily rotated on local and international stations.

In a recent radio interview on Mega Jamz 98 Fm with host Izah Bing, Otis expressed his intentions of pushing and promoting conscious, positive music as a means of combatting the every increasing negative influences that are out in world today, staying true to his philosophy love peace and unity.

"Roots Radic Solider" is available on all major digital platforms.


"Every Day" Busha Mark debut EP set for release
11 Oct 2019

Bush Mark is gearing up for his debut six (6) track EP titled "Every Day", set for release late 2019. "Every Day" EP embodies the reality of life in all it's essence, providing a song that caters for different musical taste and likeness.

Born Lee Jay Scott, stage nameBusha Markdeveloped a love for music from a very young age. His father, Desmond Scott who was a sound system operator inspired and fueled, Marks passion and dedication for music.

His first track entitledGi We Di Gyal Demproduced by House O Love and Anthony Moulton gained enormous traction on local and international radio stations, strengthening his ever-increasing fan base.

Busha Mark is no stranger to the performance stages, fans across the globe has been impressed by his deep rugged baritone voice and his huge stage presence. Working with other notable artists such as Ken Boothe, Gyptian and international act Iam Grynd, Busha Mark has garner an impressive musical catalog.

Busha Mark is also known for other singles including Real Friends, Always Be There and arguably, his most socially engaging single, What a Gwaan Roun Ere released in 2016.

His dream is to become a household name in the music industry and to be recognized for his contribution to the legacy of Jamaican music.

The performer (birth name Mario Dwayne Antonio Clarke) was born at the Spanish Town Hospital on November 29, 1984. He is the second child of six children of which he is the only male ruling under the Saggitaurus sign.. He has been interested in music since attending St. Jago high school when he use to beat on the desk while his colleagues would sing popular dance hall songs (of that time of course).

His journey with music originally started by writing poetry for the ladies which later swayed towards the art of song writing, however he didn't possess the requisite skills or equipment to follow this dream during his secondary school years.

M.S.C. comes from a strong Christian background so he prides himself on maintaining clean lyrical content, regardless of the topic being addressed. He decided a few years back to only focus on conscious music as there is enough negativity in the world to go around. Hence his focus is targeted on trying to uplift others through music. MSC is an acronym for Musical Shall Conquer.

It is inspired from the simple fact that music cuts across all ethnic borders and it is what almost everyone in the world has in common,
(i.e. they listen to music in some shape or form) as the art transcends all language barriers After acquiring some equipment of his own, the artist started to familiarize himself with the "in and out" of the whole productions process and has release several songs to date under the label Cerenity Productions.

His father always said “regardless of your real interest, go to school first”. So he did just that up to the tertiary level where he attained a Masters in accounting. He prides himself on making a disciplined effort to stay in shape by jogging regularly. Needless to say, he is a big fan of track and field and still jogs a few days a week for fitness.

He hopes to really make it as a musician, but is unwilling to sacrifice his morals to do so. He can be described as Cool, Calm and Collected except when it time to hit the stage. He use to live right across the road from Ginger Knight and Chronixx. He really feels a sense of pride to
see him emerge like that to the world (as he’s sure his father Chronicles is).

M.S.C. believes his vocal quality and songwriting skills is what will set him apart and be remember in the industry for uears to come.. Type in “mario Dwayne Antonio clarke” in YouTube for a sample of his works or google “M.S.C. –Tired” to hear his latest release DAT IS IT (well Music Shall Conquer in a synopsis).

M.S.C conquering the globe with conscious music
26 Mar 2019

Fast-rising performer Mario Dwayne Antonio Clarke aka M.S.C (Music Shall Conquer) is ready to take his place in the musical spotlight.

The talented St Catherine native, His journey with music originally started by writing poetry for the ladies which later swayed towards the art of song writing, however the necessary suppport to further realized this dream during his secondary school years was not available.

M.S.C. comes from a strong Christian background so he prides himself on maintaining clean lyrical content, regardless of the topic being addressed. He decided a few years back to only focus on conscious music as there is enough negativity in the world to go around.

M.S.C is an acronym for Musical Shall Conquer. It is inspired from the simple fact that music cuts across all ethnic borders and cultures, create cohesion and unity.

According to Mario, it will only be a matter of time before M.S.C becomes a household name. "I'm 100 per cent sure that I have the talent and drive to become a major force in music on a global scale.

M.S.C is promoting three (3) recently release singles; Tired, Jamaican Queen and Thanks & Praise. The songs, produced by Cerenity Productions, is enjoying strong rotation on a number of radio stations.

George P set to release new EP "Foot Prints Of The Ghetto"
24 Oct 2018

Reggae/Dancehall artiste “George P aka The Real Ghetto Prezident” is gearing up for the release of his much-anticipated EP “Foot Prints Of The Ghetto” produced by 4D's & N Entertainment.

George P hails from the inner city community of Grants Pen in St. Andrew. George was once apart of the Fagan Fraternity, a formidable musical collective which includes artiste such as Natural, Savage and Flexx.

George P has made great strides since the release of his first album “The Ghetto Prezident” published on the Shines Production imprint in early 2018. This album not only introduced his music to a wider audience, it also served to solidify George as one of the front-runners for taking reggae/dancehall to a new dimension.

"Foot Prints Of The Ghetto" EP is a true reflection of life and art, as George sings about the struggles, hope, joy and aspirations of those marginalized by circumstances and living in the various inner-cities, not only in Jamaica but throughout the world.

"I am expecting great things from my upcoming projects, I just want the opportunity for my music and my message to be heard", stated George. Set to embark on his first official tour Canada and the Caribbean shortly, George P armed with plenty of his material and his superb live performance abilities, fans can expect great things from him.

More of George P music on popular music platform itunes. https://itunes.apple.com/az/artist/george-p/288024279

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