M.S.C. (Music Shall Conquer)

The performer (birth name Mario Dwayne Antonio Clarke) was born at the Spanish Town Hospital on November 29, 1984. He is the second child of six children of which he is the only male ruling under the Saggitaurus sign.. He has been interested in music since attending St. Jago high school when he use to beat on the desk while his colleagues would sing popular dance hall songs (of that time of course).

His journey with music originally started by writing poetry for the ladies which later swayed towards the art of song writing, however he didn't possess the requisite skills or equipment to follow this dream during his secondary school years.

M.S.C. comes from a strong Christian background so he prides himself on maintaining clean lyrical content, regardless of the topic being addressed. He decided a few years back to only focus on conscious music as there is enough negativity in the world to go around. Hence his focus is targeted on trying to uplift others through music. MSC is an acronym for Musical Shall Conquer.

It is inspired from the simple fact that music cuts across all ethnic borders and it is what almost everyone in the world has in common,
(i.e. they listen to music in some shape or form) as the art transcends all language barriers After acquiring some equipment of his own, the artist started to familiarize himself with the "in and out" of the whole productions process and has release several songs to date under the label Cerenity Productions.

His father always said “regardless of your real interest, go to school first”. So he did just that up to the tertiary level where he attained a Masters in accounting. He prides himself on making a disciplined effort to stay in shape by jogging regularly. Needless to say, he is a big fan of track and field and still jogs a few days a week for fitness.

He hopes to really make it as a musician, but is unwilling to sacrifice his morals to do so. He can be described as Cool, Calm and Collected except when it time to hit the stage. He use to live right across the road from Ginger Knight and Chronixx. He really feels a sense of pride to
see him emerge like that to the world (as he’s sure his father Chronicles is).

M.S.C. believes his vocal quality and songwriting skills is what will set him apart and be remember in the industry for uears to come.. Type in “mario Dwayne Antonio clarke” in YouTube for a sample of his works or google “M.S.C. –Tired” to hear his latest release DAT IS IT (well Music Shall Conquer in a synopsis).

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