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Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Reggae Release

Can distribution/promotion packages be customized

Yes, our packages are flexible, you can mix and match different features/services to match your budget and requirements. 

Who is my music sent to when it is blasted digitally?

Our database consists of over 30,000 selected music contacts, these includes commercial, satellite, community, college and internet radio stations. We regularly re-check our database to make sure it is up to date and current.

Is my music guaranteed airplay after blast?

Airplay is not guaranteed on any particular station and is added at the sole discretion of the station manager, music library personnel or disc jock. However due to the extensive list our blast covers, it is highly likely that your music will get airplay and be added to a station playlist for rotation. Stations locally and internationally are always seeking new music!

Can I submit Demo Recordings?

We do not  accept demo recordings. All music must be mixed and mastered to the highest quality.

How soon will my song be available for purchase?

Songs on reggaerelease.com platform are uploaded/encoded and made available immediately and may be purchased via paypal. Distribution to other platforms e.g Itunes, Amazon, Deezer will take 3-5 working days and can take up to 3-4 weeks to be available in all digital stores worldwide.

Song Download Name/ID3 Tags

All songs are encoded with the relevant ID3 tags information and a random generated name is provided when file is downloaded. The use of a random generated name, is to further secure from leeching and unauthorized downloads.

Free Download Restrictions

Free Downloads are (promotional only use) music and can be restricted to two (2) songs per album/mixtape/EP