Yes, our packages are flexible, you can mix and match different features/services to match your budget and requirements.
Our database consists of over 30,000 selected music contacts, these includes commercial, satellite, community, college and internet radio stations. We regularly re-check our database to make sure it is up to date and current.?
Airplay is not guaranteed on any particular station and is added at the sole discretion of the station manager, music library personnel or disc jock. However due to the extensive list our blast covers, it is highly likely that your music will get airplay and be added to a station playlist for rotation. Stations locally and internationally are always seeking new music.
"ISRC" stands for International Standard Recording Code. ISRCs create a global system that helps identify sound recordings.

If you have digital distribution, you already have an ISRC. However, if you are struggling to find your ISRCs, you can likely obtain them by contacting your distributor. Reggae Release can assign ISRCs to any track distributed through our system.

SoundScan tracks ISRCs for potential Billboard charting. Additionally, the RIAA monitors ISRCs when calculating album equivalents.
No, your music is copyrighted the moment you create it but for extra protection you may wish to register your songs for copyright before they are released. This can be done with numerous websites on the internet for a fee. You will need to find a legitimate website that offers this service, upload your songs, enter your details and pay a fee. Please bear in mind that registering for copyright protection is not the same as registering your recordings or songs with a collective rights society.


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