Heading to the top

Franc was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn, NY from the age of three. Being a New Yorker, the hip hop culture surrounded him. As a young boy he would spend hours admiring the latest music videos and battling other children in the neighborhood. Throughout Franc’s school years he excelled in his academics and was an extraordinary athlete in Soccer.

Instead of chasing girls during recess, Franc would showcase his lyrical talents in the schoolyard and in the school cafeteria. While attending Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Manhattan, Franc snagged a job as a DJ at the hottest gigs around town. Franc continued this for the remainder of his high school tenure and after graduation. Franc graduated as valedictorian at the top of his class and his job as a DJ only fueled his ambitions for hip hop stardom.

In 2001 Franc moved to Florida. Shortly thereafter his dreams were soon deferred during the 9/11 crisis. Franc felt compelled to help our nation during this great time of distress and enlisted in the US Army. After completion of his military training, his first duty station was Mannheim, Germany. Shortly after arriving he was deployed to Iraq. Franc is a highly decorated soldier having received many awards and commendations throughout his military career, including Soldier of the month during his tour in Iraq. Franc completed his term and returned to the US hoping to return to normal life. However, this was short lived.

Franc was recalled to the military and once again he was deployed to the Middle East, where he continued to work on his craft constantly in his spare time, creating new songs and exercising his skills, sometimes in extreme heat and circumstances. This would mark the beginning of a new era. Franc is a founding member of the group N.E.J.P. This group consisting of four Army active duty Soldiers stationed in El Paso, Texas. The group N.E.J.P. opened for acts such as DMX, Rick Ross aka “Ricky Rozay”, Slim Thug, Baby Bash Paul Wall, Wu Tang Killer Bees & Lighter Shade of Brown to name a few. The group was the first Hip Hop group to perform at the annual Army Ball. Franc along with his group also performed at various local events, car shows, clubs and festivals. They were also the half time act for the University of
Texas Basketball team.

Franc’s embarked on his solo project in 2012. Releasing his first two singles “Heading to the Top” and “Emotional” His rapid fire intellectually complex lyrics leave you confined in a state of awe, gasping for air, awaiting his next bar.

Musical influences: Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z and T.I.